Fortune Cookies

by Dieu

Tomorrow a stranger will announce their entrance into the room with a slam of the door.

That person will be either your greatest lover or greatest enemy.

At this very moment, someone is thinking of you.

One day while sitting in a café, a song will play over the radio. When the song ends, a childhood memory long forgotten will return to you, but you will have forgotten the song.

This day, or any one of the days to follow will be the anniversary of your death.

If you are neglected, do not be sad. You need not the attention of others, for the cocoon of silence surrounding your solitude will open up and reveal to you your true self.

Do not hesitate to speak if you know what you say is true. Truth spoken is like love given. There is a great potential to be hurt.

The next time you think of your lover, imagine him as a child, as he is now, and as he will be in old age. If your heart does not warm at the thought in all of these instances, your affections are not true.

The person sitting across from you on the bus is thinking the same thoughts as you.