Eyes open, heart full.

by Dieu


There is so much beauty in the world,
I would like to be immortal so I can see it all…

The light glinting off the spinning wheel of a young girl’s bike.
The feel of the arch of your back as you lie stretched on your bed,
feet dangling over the side.
The sound of happiness: gentle laughter and the murmuring of stranger’s voices outside beneath your window as you lie awake in bed,
the warm tendrils of summer unfurling through you.
The joy in finding the right pair of shoes that feel just right, that when you wear them,
you feel most yourself.
The warm, dark taste and smell of coffee and a book that has been waiting for you for months to start it-
And you watch the rain
and the people rushing by on the street
while those like you inside,
turning pages,
share in your solitude.

What could be better than that?