This is Paris

by Dieu

Photos from my travels in the City of Light…

20120916-001923.jpgAt the Louvre (While the Louvre does have balconies, there was no access onto the balconies, so I had to take this photo through the window. Look at the tiny people!)


20120916-002007.jpgAt the Rodin Museum (What I loved about this place was how they had many of Rodin’s sculptures outside in the gardens. The Thinker below is from Rodin’s Gates of Hell, which was in the gardens)

20120916-002105.jpgMore of the Louvre



20120916-002216.jpgIt took me forever to figure out the entrance was underneath the pyramid. Silly tourist!

20120916-002250.jpgBeauty everywhere…


20120916-002400.jpgVersailles Palace (Spent a whole day at Versailles Palace, Gardens, and Marie Antoinette’s Estates)

20120916-002412.jpgWaited 3 hours in line to get into the Eiffel Tower, but met a wonderful American couple while in line.

20120916-002442.jpgRodin – Hands (I pretty much took a photo of everything at the Rodin Museum)