This is Paris part II

by Dieu

My Paris nostalgia continues with more photos from my travels.



20120918-222524.jpgMy favorite place in Paris. The Seine evokes so much for everyone traveling here. It is a true beauty.

20120918-222602.jpgAfter a cloudy day, the sky cleared in the evening to reveal this brilliant blue light

20120918-222632.jpgRodin’s The Kiss. An example of the magic of art where from an inert lifeless material, comes light, and movement, and passion.

20120918-222700.jpgCheap bike rental system which almost everyone uses. Very chic. Very European.

20120918-222721.jpgLovely details of doorway and ceiling at the Rodin Museum

20120918-222741.jpgInside one of the many galleries of the Louvre

20120918-222823.jpgLe Cimetière du Père-Lachaise

20120918-222850.jpgView from the very top of the Eiffel Tower