A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever?

by Dieu

I am constantly torn between a state of desiring beautiful things and one that completely rejects materialism. For I have this impulse to surround myself with objects of beauty – they make me feel more like myself. And although I know it is perfectly possible for one to live a happy and yet Spartan existence, I just can’t help but collect pretty little things like an obsessive art curator or magpie. Sometimes it feels liberating to just get rid of stuff, but more often than not, I get even more of a high when I find the perfect pair of ballet flats that fit just right, or when I see a wall covered with beautiful Japanese prints. I recently moved into a new apartment, and these kinds of thoughts preoccupied me. What to display, hang, throw out, keep, ect. In the end, I was quite happy with the results.

Here is a tiny peek at the things around my apartment.
20120919-190855.jpgOn one of my bookshelves :

ceramic dove wall hanging, a necklace I designed and made from brass and copper, Leonardo da Vinci postcard framed, glass jewelry box, Paris snow-globe, journals, old baby photograph of my mom, floral print on wood made by a friend, carved wooden bowl from Pakistan, Swan Lake music box, jewelry tray with my watch, rings, and bracelet, vintage Penguin box set of the Chronicles of Narnia books, 1943 edition of Jane Eyre with wood engravings by Fritz Eichenberg.

20120919-193229.jpgWrapping paper I bought in Chinatown.

20120919-193514.jpgVintage Ralph Lauren nautical sweater

20120919-193707.jpg1940s-50s table lamp and clock (added coolness factor is the lighter at the end of the handset piece)