Photo diary, part II, King Edward School

by Dieu

Today I went to visit King Edward School. It was built around 1912 and was last used as a school ten years ago and has been vacant since. Now it is going to be used as a sort of community centre/studio and gallery space for artists, among many other things. It was amazing to see the old classrooms with all the original mouldings, interiors, and even an old piano that was left there since who knows when. As part of the opening event, a classroom was filled with balloons for children to play in. Hearing their shrieks of delight as balloons popped and floated in the air made me nostalgic and remember the happiness of childhood.

20120929-150245.jpgA classroom full of balloons

20120929-150220.jpgOld Sign on back entrance

20120929-150440.jpgOld wall clock

20120929-150501.jpgPhoto of cheerleaders from back in the day on display in the main entryway