Photo Diary : Around the neighbourhood

by Dieu

Out and about my neighbourhood. Thanksgiving weekend and the changing of the seasons. I saw many lovely things.

20121006-183103.jpgSomeone’s vintage car. Love!

20121006-183120.jpgI’m not religious but I love churches.

20121006-183132.jpgWish I lived here. I can just imagine myself reading a good book on that top balcony.

20121006-183145.jpgLove buildings with vines growing on them.

20121006-183200.jpgLight and shade and nature’s colours.

20121006-183211.jpgWrought iron grillwork.


20121006-183238.jpgPark benches do something for me. I always feel happy seeing a couple sitting on one of them, or a grandmother with her grandchild, or a solitary person enjoying a book.

20121006-183252.jpgIt may be autumn, but some things don’t know that yet.

20121006-183308.jpgDaisies dying and yet still beautiful.