Singledom : Why being alone can be awesome

by Dieu

1. You can make whatever you want for dinner.

2. Sitting in the park people watching with a good book and coffee.

3. Dancing to your guilty pleasure song in your pjs. (mine is “Ice Ice baby by Vanilla Ice, so bad it’s good).

4. Watching all those movies only you can love (chick flicks and all the sci-fi films most people refuse to watch with you).

5. Baking cookies and eating them while watching videos of cute babies on youtube for 2 straight hours and then feeling guilty and going for a power walk the next morning and feeling awesome for it afterwards.

6. Going to an art gallery alone.

7. Being super productive and completing all those projects you’ve been procrastinating on for months.

8. Discovering new talents and passions.

9. Starting all those books on your reading list and even finishing some.

10. Spending quality time with friends and finding out that they’re even more amazing and wonderful than you already knew.

11. Watching a sad movie and crying and feeling good afterwards.

12. Knowing that you won’t always be alone, and that your solitude prepares you for all the good and the bad on the road ahead.