a Museum of personal objects

by Dieu

I’ve always loved the idea of being a curator, and getting lost in museums, so I thought I’d make a photographic catalog of some of my things, a personal museum you could say.

20121010-194235.jpgParis snow globe shot from above

20121010-194304.jpgSwan lake music box

20121010-194320.jpgPrint on wood made by a friend and given to me for Christmas

20121010-194335.jpgJewelry box full of old family photos

20121010-194348.jpgCorsage from friend’s wedding

20121010-194358.jpgCeramic bank made in Japan

20121010-194414.jpgCeramic lion bookend

20121010-194425.jpgSea shells

20121010-194544.jpgBrass snowflake Christmas ornament

20121010-194601.jpgBroken saucer I can’t get myself to throw away

20121010-194621.jpgBrass bowl containing rocks with glass lid

20121010-220033.jpgGlass paperweight