Very Inspiring Blogger Award part two

by Dieu

Thank you to winterowls, fictionsmagazine, and Jellypom for nominating me for this award. It means a lot to me, considering when I first started this blog, I was getting on average from 0-12 views a day!

Since I’ve already nominated 15 blogs, I’ll include here worthy mentions:

1. Umanbn – for the quirky and wonderful watercolour caricatures, style photos and everything art and design related. You must check it out – this one is a new discovery, but already I can tell it’s a really well-done blog.

2. whereherethere – another great fashion and design blog – it has a nice, sleek and professional look.

3. Nostalgyeah! – a very talented teenage writer (poetry and prose)

4. reretro – the place to go if like me, you love everything vintage.

5. conorcullen – beautiful photography.

6. yilingt – A young girl’s photographic diary – really charming and gorgeous.

I like sharing, so please have a peek at these wonderful blogs!