My dictionary of interesting things

by Dieu

A Romantic:

An idealist, a lover of light, a dreamer, a hero, an adventurer, a Joan of Arc, a person who is susceptible to nightmares and tears, and who falls in love easily, an actor inside their own mind, a sword dueller, a Juliet without her Romeo and vice versa, a painter of truths and illusions, a maker of shadows from the light, a poor farmer who dreams of being king, a creator, and a fool to many.


From the Greek for “inscription”; a short poem in honour of the dead, concise enough to be inscribed onto a tombstone.

A eulogy for a dead soldier by Antipater of Sidon (around 120 B.C.) :




a symbol of fertility, bounty, and prosperity. It represents the cycles of life and death. Coco Chanel’s good luck charm, and a prominent feature in many of her designs. Used in wedding processions in Shakespeare’s time. Van Gogh was fascinated with painting wheat fields for they embodied the spiritual idea of the sower reaping the earth – we sow the fields, and some seeds bring life while others die. We sow the earth, and one day we will lie beneath it and become seeds ourselves. It is visually beautiful for it’s golden hue, and patterns of seeds, like the braiding of Rapunzel’s hair.