To the true kings of this world

by Forever Inexperienced

Those people with their talk
of deep cleanse exfoliation,
oil and gas importation,
stock market inflation,
interior home renovation,
economic levels of participation,
wealth investment amplifications,
hair gel technique application,
psychotherapy alleviations,
yearly European vacations,
convertible vehicle compensation
for middle-age nostalgia
of youth’s revelations.

What do they know of
the great blue sea
of dreams and tears and hopes

They are too busy climbing
ladders that lead to nowhere
within their castle walls.

And then there are those among us
who seek no glory,
but who are the Apollos of this world
-who remove the swords of pain and suffering
from their hard hearts
and raise them up,
and sharp.

To say,
Even if you do not care,
I am here,
Oh yes,
I am here.

~ dieuonthegrass