Found note inside a library book of poems by Lorca

by Dieu

I took out a book of poems from the library today by one of my favourite poets, Federico Garcia Lorca. To my delight, not only were there beautiful poems to be found, but also a note that was left within the pages of the book by the last borrower. I always love finding random things like this that allow your imagine to go wild, making up stories about the person who wrote the note, and what has happened to them since.

This one is especially lovely. Since the writing is hard to read, I will transcribe it for you:
Flesh drags and melts into you.
Clock hands unwind, unnoticed
(tick rock)
Your Flesh

I wanted a gift of words for you –
I couldn’t thank you enough
for yesterday (and the day
in the park & for considering me
as a bed-in mate

I have also thought of you
since the rally.

(and then the person has flipped the paper around to write the rest):

Believe nothing of me
except that I felt your beauty
more closely than my own…
Promise me that I will return.

– From a Poem To Detain Me, L. Cohen
20121019-223428.jpgAnd here is the title page of the book (art by Lorca himself):
And my favourite poem of his, which also happens to be the first one in this book:

Gacela of Love Unforeseen

No one understood the perfume
of your belly’s dark magnolia.
No one knew you tormenting
love’s hummingbird between your teeth.

A thousand Persian ponies fell asleep
in the moonlit plaza of your forehead
as four nights through I hugged
your waist, snow’s enemy.

Between plaster and jasmines your glance
was a pale seed-branch.
I searched my heart to give you
the ivory letters saying always,

Always, always: garden of my agony,
your body eluding me forever,
the blood of your veins in my mouth,
your mouth’s light gone out for my death.