The Road

by Dieu

(A reworking of an older poem)

Life is like walking
through a nowhere town
where the streets have
no lights
and no names.

It is night
and you are alone.
You walk along
the road
with tentative steps
as the blinding blackness
and the full emptiness
of space
swings around you.

Such emptiness is
brutal and soaring and
you float along happy
with each moment
that the ground finds your

And your heart feels like
a balloon
escaping from you.

The stars understand,
those eyes that see everything:

Everything can crumble.
Everything can burn and blow away
like paper in a paper town of a paper world.

Except for the grand indifference of night,
of the stars,
of the emptiness of the air and the light.
These things will remain.

There is only space and sky and
the open road of ongoing moments of

And so you walk on,
your heart ahead of you
and you following it.