A Sudden Absence

by Dieu

You are as distant to me as a star,
and like a star,
long after your death
your light still reaches me
through the blackness of night.

And your absence remains as
significant as the silence of mountains
and as lonely as the sound
of my own breath
in an empty room.

I talk to you through the grass
and wonder how two dates
on stone can come
to encompass a whole life:

the movement of your shoulder blades
as you played the piano.

the scar on your knee
from when you tried to roller-skate
downhill for the first time.

your intense, dark, thin nature,
a shadow pierced by sudden rays
of light.

And your tears that always came
when the night became too much for you.

As the leaves turn and fall,
and the trees sway with the wind
and write invisible words in the sky,
your laughter still echoes
in the halls of my memory.

And my insides turn yellow
like old paper,
wishing you were here.