Phoenix love

by Dieu

In your eyes swim stars of air,
where golden strokes of shivering notes
seek hearts like mine
that shudder in repose
of stillness and despair.

In your hands branches are rings
that bind,
and my bowed head
wishes to be rested in that
crown of thorns
that calls your name.

And long after the light gives out,
the night of skies
flows through me;
when black meets hope
and bird songs harp.
They coo and subdue
those broken hearts
whose roots lay under
trees of dreams
and thirst for rain.

And all is mist
until I see your face,
that sweetest of graces.

And the disentangling of all the world’s confusion
and my silly fears,
for all the world is this:

You and I
and the rise of the sun
and nothing more.