To critics

by Dieu

I was recently told by someone I know that my poetry wasn’t good enough to share, and that it is better to keep one’s poetry private until you become really good. It almost made me want to stop writing, but then I realized that this advice is ridiculous. How can you become a better writer if you don’t share it with others? This is in response to those critics who may make you want to quit whatever it is you love doing.


Egocentric cowards who hide behind their sarcastic facades,
and who make no art of their own but,
who use their words and their intellect
to make you feel small.

It is so easy to criticize and rest complacently
while others risk their own egos to just express
a fraction of what they truly feel and see
in this world.

Critics never produced anything
of the grandeur and beauty of a Michelangelo.

Ballets, monuments, symphonies, art,
all were created by artists.

Critics – what have they done?