An anniversary of sorts

by Dieu

When I first started this blog, I did so with the idea that it would be only as an outlet for self-expression. My expectations were low, as my last attempt to write a blog had quickly fizzled out. Almost a year later I find I still have the energy and drive to write, and it certainly helps that I my blog now has over 200 followers. Out of those 200+ there are a small group of fellow bloggers that take the time to read and/or comment, and that relationship is more important to me than any number.

I recently celebrated my birthday and have been in a reminiscing mood. Looking back at the stuff I’ve written so far has made me realize that there are actually some pieces that I am proud of.

Here are some that I feel like sharing again:


In the Palm of Your Hand

Judging by your smile,
You are in love
And it makes you feel momentous
And shy all at once.

But despite your quiet ways of being,
Such as setting your teacup gently down
As to not make a sound,
You are like a god offering a flower to me.

For you hold in the palm of your hand
All of the sky and all of the sea.
Nothing in this world can express half of your beauty,
Which you extend all to me.

In your little hand
All shades of my feelings towards
You are reflected.

And I hold on to it
For perhaps too long.

But you let me,
And it’s enough to make me forget
That not all promises can be kept.

Your hand in mine;
An equation that equals
Forever and forever and forever.