Shine On Award

by Forever Inexperienced


M Lewis Redford whose poetry I have come to know by chance and love for its real-ness and sensitivity has shared the light with me through the Shine On Award. I am oh so flattered for this.

The rules for the Shine On Award are:

1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
2. Offer the Award to ‘Shine On’ to other bloggers you know to shine
3. Answer the questions given to you

Here are my answers:

1. What is your favourite colour and why?

I love any colour that is a variant of teal, aqua, blue-green, mint, sea-foam… It makes me think of cleanliness, Tiffany’s, the 60s, candy and the sky, sea, glass… Oh, and I love pastels!

2. what is your favourite light of the day/year? why?

The light in the late evening on a summer’s day through a window. There’s something about light through glass that does something to me.

3. when was the last time you ‘saw the light’?

When I was home alone one day perfectly happy with a good book after a good home made dinner. Simplicity makes all things shining, my dear.

4. who, for you, is the craziest diamond in music?

Ah, this is a hard one. I’m going to have to go with Joe Strummer from the Clash on this one. I went from a boy crazed high schooler who obsessed over the Backstreet Boys to a convert to the School of Punk Rock because of the great Clash. It also helped that Joe had a ton of sex appeal.

5. who, for you, is the craziest diamond in art?

Marina Abramovic. The Diva of performance art.

6. who, for you, is the craziest diamond in literature?

Rilke. As cliche as it is, I think his poetry is like experiencing the sorrow and beauty of life all at once. Read his Duino Elegies and you’ll feel what I mean.

7. are you a crazy diamond?

No, maybe I’m more like a smooth little stone that is happy to just be.

My nominations are:

The Hour of Soft Light : Liana’s photographs I could stare at forever. They are peacefully hypnotizing.

Mari’s poetry is light and dark and love.

The Mirror Obscura – if only my poetry was this good.

Akanedou has the most heavenly nature photography I’ve ever seen. Abstract, simple and yet mesmerizing. Each photo is a work of art and an image of zen.

Kozo’s Everyday Gurus makes me smile and think every day. His honesty and humble posts remind me that to be human is to recognize our flaws and then strive for better.

A Prayer Like Gravity – with a name like that, you know it has to be good! A blog full of words of beauty, light, and spirit.

Chester has amazing, vivid, vital poetry that is just so original that I envy them.