Art and Life

by Dieu

Visited a museum shop today and while browsing, I came across some handmade jewelry by a local artist. Although the jewelry was beautiful, I really loved her artist statement:

I love the way the Russian writer, Leo Tolstoy, described the importance of art; that it was a means of union among men, joining them together in the same feelings, and was indispensable for the life and progress towards the well-being of individuals and of humanity. Art has purpose. It can capture historical events or aspects of nature. It can symbolize a devotion to the divine, protection from evil spirits, the love of two people, or a commitment to a common cause. It can stir our senses and call us to action. Art contributes to our collective spirit. As the worlds economic forces drive people towards homogeneity, our hunger for the special, the unique, and the innovative will most assuredly grow. Art is the antidote to a bland world.

~Franny. E. Strathern