My Poetry Book

by Dieu

Years ago I wrote a book of poetry called, Tender Cracks, that I self-published on Blurb. It was a very quick and easy way for me to publish my poems, but it was very DIY with no proper cover (I used a photograph I had taken myself) and no ISBN. After talking to a fellow writer who has published her own books and advocated for me to try publishing my book on Amazon, I realized that I won’t be satisfied until I do a proper job of it.

So, with a lot of work and time, I revamped my book with a new cover with the help of a designer, and published Tender Cracks on Amazon Kindle.  The book is more polished looking and comes with some new poems included. The paperback version is also coming and will be available to order soon!

Tender Cracks on Amazon

Preview the Kindle ebook here: